Ways to Tell your Story

As Author’s in the Mythica, we are using our Stories to inform the Reader as to the mystical World by documenting our timeline of movement along the rainbow road from one reality to another as a proof that we can change our circumstance through the application of the mystic arts.

Yet while we are all inherently performing this magic in our everyday experience, there are ways of presenting this to the Readers which are clarified and simplified within the ecosystem of the Mythica such that they are led ever-deeper into the tools and techniques by which they can change their own reality for the better.

The Magic is in the Telling

The basic form of telling a Story is easy. A medley of words and images, of music and magic that Opens the Reader to a deeper dimension of themselves. Yet while this is our inherent Gift, into the Mythica offers a framework for the telling which actualizes their basic quality such to bring greater recognition and revenue to the Authors as we build out this platform of sacred Storytelling.

As Authors in the Mythica, we have the privilege of documenting our journey, of showing the craft of our magic and it’s results to our Readers. We act as guides and wayfarers, sacred travelers charting their way across the oceans of the Akasha towards the manifestation of a more heavenly version of our reality.

Yet how do we share our Story? How do we teach the mystic arts through revealing our sacred selves? And what must we face within to be open to share our Voice with the World? It is the investigation into this, the alchemies of our personal transformation and it’s results, that forms the basis of our Telling.

Consider any Story you have read. One in which various individual characters move through a vast and expansive World that is larger than they are. That, in fact, defines the landscape of their journey.

As Authors, we document our movement across that landscape, across the subtle territories that define the landscape of all heroic Paths. We recognize ourselves as characters within that much larger World, parts and parcel of a Great Story of human awakening.

Here, we witness the alchemies of personal transformation in a new context, seeing them as the realms of trial and triumph on our journey to a more expansive, more mystical version of our reality.

There are many ways to do this. In the flushness of multimedia that defines the online world, we are able to tell our Story so many ways. We can use video, graphic novel, post, article, interview and more, filling out the bits and pieces of the underlying mythos of our life.

In this way Into the Mythica was developed, to allow Authors a vast range of opportunity to express their mystical perspective, while remaining constant with the idea of movement towards a new reality. Here, you are invited to witness the Stories of Peter Fae and Yeshua Lucis as an example, showing how we are documenting our journey as an inspiration to your own.

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