The Timeline

As journalists of our own mythical journey to the new paradigm, our Story is strung like pearls along the thread of our life, our timeline of adventure across the canvas of our experience.

Everything that happens to us occurs on our timeline. It is the spine of your Story, the string upon which the pearls of synchronicity reveal the much larger loom of our many stories coming together.

Tracking the significant events on our heroic journey on our timeline is integral to Mythica publishing, for in the clarification of our individual thread we provide the framework for the revelation of the world of the Mythica and the Great Story of our shared awakening.

In this way we are witnessing our timeline through the Akasha. One of an infinite fractal of other timelines, all forming the much larger map of our synchronicity. As we come to see this, the points of convergence where our timelines meet become deeply significant, for these are the characters and circumstance which define your Story.

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