Showing the Surface & Subtle

As part of the intention to teach the mystic arts and showcase the subtle aspect of perception through Story, Into the Mythica features a number of ways in which we can show the Reader the deeper divination into our lives.

Primary to this is the idea of the ‘surface’ and the ‘subtle’ levels of perception, in which we show things as they appear on the surface of perception and then how they appear in the subtle planes of perception, using a slider that can be accessed on your WordPress edit page called ‘Comparison slider’.

(special thanks to Anna Bliss (@annabliss) for modeling the surface & subtle perspectives)

The above example shows what Anna looked like on the surface of awareness, whereas the slider allows the Reader a vision of what she appears as (for me) on the subtle planes of awareness.

As Authors in the Mythica, You are encouraged to develop your own style of showcasing the subtle planes. The Mythica was designed with your individuality in mind, holding space for an infinite variety of conceptualizations of the subtle aspect of reality. What is most important here is the teaching of the distinction, that the World is more than what she appears to be.

This is in alignment with the basic teaching premise of the Mythica, illuminating the subtle World that exists below the surface of our perception.

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