Eco-Paradise (June 1-8, 2020)

My bardic hermitage at the Tacotal Ecovillage in Costa Rica!
(May 24 - June 5)

This last week has been magic. I was house-sitting for my friend, Human, at his hobbit-like jungle abode, off-grid, running on energy from the Sun, taking care of his home, garden, and two cats, Luna the energetic kitten, and Creea the mama cat.

I was able to use this time as a bardic hermitage to work on my music, a solo-retreat that had been much needed for a long time! It was the start of rainy season, so there were definitely some elemental challenges to overcome, but it made the journey that much more fulfilling. Despite a few legendary floods and swarms of mini biting insect-monsters in the evenings, I was able to really fill my days with creative productivity and connection to myself, my music, the cat-beings, and Mama Gaia surrounding me.


I went on a few epic adventures with my Chilean neighbor and friend Nico.

We went down to the river, and up to the mountain top where I could see the ocean, and found many mushrooms.

We also visited the start of a new visionary eco-community nearby called Alegria.

The design of Alegria’s community garden makes this look like it’s right out of a visionary art painting!


The Hills of Escazu (June 7)

I returned to Escazu, the land where indigenous witches used to live, still known as the area of the “brujas” (witches). The next day, as soon as I was ready to start my day, my housemates said they were going on a hike to the mountain! I had wanted to go the whole time I’ve been here, and it finally was the perfect day and it was happening! Without a second thought, i filled up my water bottle, grabbed my hat and my sunscreen (special Mayan honey sunscreen), and hopped in the car with four young adults, three kids, and one dog named Gaia (shown in the photos above)! On the way there, I was thinking that it would be nice if my girlfriend Meli was able to join us. Just after that thought, the car stopped and we saw Meli and her mom on a walk! We asked if she wanted to join and she said yes! We all said bye to her Mom and she hopped in the car onto my lap and we drove up the hill! The hike was full of pure magic. We swam in the crystal clear water filled with tiny specks of gold (from pyrite), stacked rocks, found some mushrooms, found a fairy home in a tree (can you see it in the pictures above?) and filled our hearts and souls with the beauty and awe of Mama Gaia.

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