Cosmic Convergence III (2019/2020)

Dear Adventurer, 

My journey into 2020 was epic, and I’m excited to share a window into my experience with you through this adventurous article! 

I was invited to perform at the Cosmic Convergence festival in Santiago, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Many friends from around the world were there, as it’s a very international festival with many countries represented. 

Mythical Beings at the Cosmic Convergence

I arrived the night before the festival, encountering a massive rainstorm. I knew intuitively that the rain was clearing out the energy for the festival, and that it would end the next morning, which it did. It didn’t rain again until the very end of the festival, and is now pouring outside as I sit in the Cosmic office writing this! I always know that when it rains right before and right after a festival, there is a cosmic alignment going on. 

A Huni Kuin medicine man serving Hapé (an Amazonian Tobacco Snuff) and Sananga (Amazonian stinging eye drops) and leading us in meditation around the Sacred Fire.

This festival had a lot of mythos woven in. With the bass stage dedicated to “Kukulkan,” the Mayan name for Quetzalquatl, the feathered serpent who brought Cacao to humans and is celebrated by Mayans and Aztec and all who know of this majestic being. There was also a sacred fire with a temezcal (sweat lodge) which I visited for a hapé (tobacco snuff for centering, clearing, grounding, and activating) and sananga (healing eye drops that sting a lot!) ceremony from a Huni Kuin medicine man, which was very beautiful and meaningful, as I carry and sell medicine from that tribe, and until now have never had the opportunity to receive medicine from someone of that prolific tribe! 

By Day, the head of “Kukulkan,” the feathered serpent of Mayan culture. Also the Global Bass Stage.

On the last day of the decade, I lead a sound healing journey for a Yoga Class by my friend and amazing Creatress “Tish” at the Yoga dome, where I played guitar, vocals, flute, kalimba, and drum, using a loop pedal to create atmospheric sound-scapes. I was accompanied by my soul-brother best-friend David Daniel who played (amazingly) hand-pan (the UFO looking (and sounding) metal drum), and flute with reverb and other amazing effects. The musical journey went really well and everyone loved it and thanked us afterwards.

Me and my Aquarian brother David Daniel! We share the same birthday, 2/2, the day of Yemanja, who is the Orixa (Godess) of the Ocean! We shared two sound healing sets at Cosmic Convergence.

The music of the festival was a combination of beautiful and intense, as there were four stages: The Kukulkan Global Bass stage, the Pineal Live Music Stage, the Chill Lounge, and the Psytrance Temple. Most of my friends thought the Psytrance was overwhelming as it pervaded over the whole festival, however, I went over there a few times and danced with the core production team of the festival, and once I got into it, I really got into it! It was the best dance-work-out I’ve ever had! It definitely gets me into a flow state and activates my adrenaline! 

Pancho the Cosmic Goat at the Psytrance Stage

Most of the time however, I was dancing to beautiful music at the Live Stage. My friends the Hanuman Project had a beautiful Kirtan set fused with electronic dance beats, followed by an incredible (and unexpectedly raging) Kirtranica (Kirtan with electronic dance tracks) set, with Saraswati on violin and vocals, joined by Tahir from Fanah-Fi-Allah, a Sufi Qawwali band, and his partner. The lead singer Vijay, for the last song, invited all his close friends onto stage, though way more people than he expected ended up coming onto the stage and it was a huge dance party with every square inch of the stage covered with dancing celebratory people! It was amazing and a huge highlight of my experience!

Then, later in the evening, it was almost midnight, and Bluetech was sending out mystical squishy dancey psychedelic bass sounds from the Global Bass stage. I went down and danced with my partner Meli and a lot of my friends until finally fireworks went off and everyone hugged one another. Right at that moment, Bluetech ended his set and seamlessly transitioned into a set by Living Light, who is an amazing female electronic music producer named Eartha. To me, there couldn’t have been a more perfect transition, from a male musician to a female musician, right at the dawn of the new decade, getting everyone to dance even more, feeling all sorts of love, inspiration, and excitement. Phenomenal Fire spinning was going on in a circle, there were dancers on the side-stages in the forms of a Nature Deva, a Cheetah, and a little-Red-Riding-Hood Hula-Hooper, and a lot of hugging happening. 

Inside the mouth of Kukulkan, Bluetech hands the DJ baton over to Living Light right on the dot at midnight, handing the metaphorical musical crown from the divine masculine to the divine feminine at the exact moment the new decade began.

While dancing, I had a big revelation which I will share with you here: 

I saw how life is a song with various rhythms and melodies. Our live follows a sound wave and our experience shapes it. A default, normal life, follows a standard pattern of wake, work, sleep, which we can think of a certain frequency during waking life, and a space in between during the sleep, and when we take breaks. When we however have meaningful experiences, transformational experiences, and peak experiences, that sound wave changes, and the song of our life becomes more interesting, with more variety and fluctuation in the rhythm and melody. Thus, our lives are physically songs, and when our song of life becomes monotonous, we have the opportunity to find ways to shift the shapes of the sound wave of our lives. 

This is a revelation that may be hard to inner-stand (an alternative way of saying “understand”) through type, so I’m happy to have a deeper conversation with you about it if you reach out! 

I stayed up all night, drinking tea with friends when I got tired, and then heading to the Trance Temple for sunrise for a set by Lune Cell, who was making the visuals for the stage during the whole festival! I danced with Meli and the whole Cosmic Convergence team, and after the sun rose, I walked through the fauna over near the water, watched birds jump from tree to tree, and took a moment to myself to welcome in the New Year. I also brought Meli back with me to see the beauty and look at the flowers. We saw a trampled teddy bear and had a moment with it, and we ate some wild raspberries. 

We then danced a bit more to the Psytrance, and then head to the Bass Stage to dance to our friend Neto from Costa Rica who played his “Jaguar Visions” project, a psychedelic flowy dance set. Finally, we decided to rest (for half an hour) before going to prepare for my second offering at the festival, a sound healing journey, similar to my first offering but without yoga, just sound. I shared some of my original songs (All One and I Am Life), and everyone had a meaningful experience. People were singing along, crying, laughing, doing yoga, resting, and welcoming in the new decade with me! David had to leave a little bit early to catch a bus to the airport, and I continued with my music until my friend Carla arrived to lead a sound healing. 

The dawn of 2020. The sound healing dome, nestled amongst the mystic mountains.

Meli and I put instruments back in the tent, had our first breakfast of the decade, and danced a bit more. My friend Holden, by the music name of “Woods,” played an afternoon set, I danced to while surprisingly full of energy, doing yoga moves and hand-stand balances with strength that I haven’t quite experienced before, and finally, was exhausted and slept until the next morning. 

My friend “Woods” DJing in the new decade within the mouth of Kukulkan

Now I’m in the Cosmic Convergence office writing this, and will head back to Arco Isis Sanctuary in San Marcos La Laguna tomorrow for the last 10 days of the Living Heart Alchemy residency. 

Cosmic Convergence, taking a step back to reflect.

Thank you for reading about this profoundly meaningful journey of my cosmic quantum leap into 2020! I would love to hear about your New Year experience! 

~ Bloom ~

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