Bloom’s Morning Ritual: Bamboo Forest Yoga, Songwriting, & Bamboo Mer-ka-ba

Here’s a glimpse into how I’ve been starting my day every day this month! Make sure to let me know in the comments if you’d like more video updates like this!

Updates from my quest:

I am in Costa Rica, months later than planned, while most of the world is “shut down.” I’m living in a magical community house called “La Succulenta” with a gorgeous bamboo forest in the backyard, and a flowing river, where I’ve been going every morning for my daily practice. The fae of the forest bring me songs, the bamboo where I do pullups make me strong, and the birds and the wind mystically hum.

Here’s a poem that came through today:

Mythical motion, miraculous potions, a life full of alchemy, transmuting with integrity,

lead into gold, new from the old, always transforming, from evening to morning.

Misty hills at dawn and dusk, stars that twinkle, metal that rusts,

plants that pop out wherever they can, mountains melting into sand.

What a life, what a world, Full of flying, singing birds.

With Love,


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