7-20-2020: Dialing it In

Today was a jungle nature connection kind of day. Upon awakening, I made coffee with coconut oil & mylk, and walked into the forest to Earth, exercise, and connect. I felt the musical call and went back to the house to grab my guitar, and then back to the forest to channel the messages that were coming through. A start to a new song about future ancestors (us) began to channel through! I’m excited for the fruiting of this seed of a song!

Then I returned to the house, had a phone call with a friend in California, made a video inviting volunteers for the Artists in Action Unite concert, and a video explaining the concert and The Global Summit, and then I went inside for lunch. Two of my amazing housemates, Hannah and Lu, were already making an epic nacho bean dip lunch with fresh garden greens! We ate together, and they told me something that really touched my heart: “We know you haven’t been sure how long you were going to stay here for a while, and every month you thought you were going to be leaving but ended up staying longer, and since you have been here for a while, we just want to say that this is your house too and you can feel comfortable using any of the spaces, and move through the house however you want!” Something along those lines, in a way that helped me ground into place. It’s true, there was a very transient feeling because I didn’t know how long I was going to be staying, but now that I’ve been here for a while I’m starting to feel way more comfortable being here! 


Here’s a video tour of the forest today:

This weekend I’m returning to Tinamastes to the Paradise Lodge to help out with the Harmonizing Humanity online summit! The Neowise comet is visible from Costa Rica, so I will be looking to the sky to see it! It only comes once every 6,000 or so years! It’s about time that Neo returned to help us Wise up! 

Now, I am on a video call with Peter Fae dialing it in!

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