The Lost Valley (Sep 2018)

We are invited by the faerie maidens to an event called ‘The Lost Valley’ which feels to me to be an expression of the movement back to a more tribal, sacred iteration of the incarnate, where we encounter allies from the pantheon of avatars I have encountered through the realms …

There is a sense of providence, encountering the seeker we met at the edges where the Lavender and the Morningstar farms touched once more. A sense that we were all walking the rainbow road, finding our way to the brighter octaves of the Creation across an ocean of experiences.

Once again, the avatars of Bloom and Anahata grace the moment, arriving on the Map of Synchronicity that links us all. In the fields of the Mythica, the impressions of Guardianship, of service to Gaia, informs their Quest, sending them all about the Worlds, sharing the remembered wisdoms of the Green …

Such is a beautiful confluence, once again showing the roots and branches of our synchronicities, as I had last encountered them on the Island of the Gods during the 2017 episode “Into the Akasha” on the Journey Home.

Realmsign of the Quest

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis), Kenzie Cleary (@kenziecleary), Gabrielle Gibney, Bloom (@bloom), Anahata

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