2017-3-5 – “Into the Akasha”

At this on the Island of the Gods, I am deep in the building of the Mythica, only taking occasional moments to leave my bungalow and travel through the more public realms. Here, I’m led to a place called ‘Akasha’, which I find incredibly apropos as a bastion for ambassadors of the Emergent World …

That Bloom and Anahata continue to show up is so significant. As I look beneath the surface of the World, I see them, seeds of the New Earth, expressions of the Divine Intelligence of the Land, crossing our Paths in perfect circumstance as part of our shared mission to embody a more heavenly Earth. Previous to this moment, I had last seen the pair in 2015, during the “Lightning in a Bottle” episode of the Journey Home.

Just some words

Here once again was the glyph of the World Tree, lit by stars, the Akasha expressing herself through the incarnate plane in this place …

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Justin Stearman (@justinstearman), Robin Lipeman “Bloom” (@bloom), Anahata
Kundra Rose (@autumnroses)

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