2016: Gardening Gaia

01 January 2020

Cosmic Convergence III (2019/2020)

Dear Adventurer,  My journey into 2020 was epic, and Iā€™m excited to share a window i

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01 March 2020

The Lush, Biodiverse, Osa Penninsula: Corcovado and Finca Morpho (March 2020)

This is a window into my journey through Corcovado in the Osa Penninsula, one of the most biodivers

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01 July 2020

Escazu, Costa Rica: A magic hillside town of Indigenous and Modern Witches and Wizards

Escazu is where I have been living the last four months during the pandemic. It has a history of in

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20 February 2020

Envision (Feb 2020)

A preview of my experience of the Envision Music Festival in Feb 2020. Stay tuned for a story b

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