“Portal to the New Earth” (Oct 2016)

Once again I encounter Samson Love and the avatars of the Awakening at the sacred Boulder Gardens, the same location where I first drew Excalibur, the sword from the stone on my journey to the dragonspine of Crestone.  Here, a grand shift happens, opening the space …

True to his essence, I watch Machu calling in the Sun, initiating the day with his magics …

Yet for them, it’s more than simply a festival. Such realms are potent in the underlands of the Mythica, convergences of ley upon the skin of Gaia where I am privileged to witness the avatars of the New World gathering, spreading the seeds of the emergent paradigm in their purpose and process ….

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Samson Love – @alchemistmc
Ani Clearmoon
Doron Kutash
Alaya Love
Hailey Dawn Armstrong
Alok Ananda

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