“Heaven and Earth” (Jan 2014)

The application of ho’oponopono as a practice of clearing the self and allowing more abundance to flow through one’s life proves itself as we move into a 75-acre Buddhist retreat center just south of the Ashland Shire.  It is a welcome movement from the ‘Cave of Pono’ that was the winter of 2013, where I made constant effort to change the inner territories of my self in order to change my outer reality.  A key point in the application of the physics of the quest.

It is here that the Mythica will be first transcribed to the digital World as, over the course of many months, I learn the ways of WordPress, transferring my sacred witnessing into a format that can be shared with the people …

I can feel the deva so strongly here. On this piece of sanctified land, truly worked by the lineage of their family and their devotion to the Buddhist arts.

There’s a peacefulness, here. One that cools me, softens me. I end up taking a room downstairs where the bedrest is an actual rock wall, one I hope will help me to deepen into resonance with the Earth plane at last.

This place is destined to be a trying environment, where I will witness a confluence of avatars of the New World, converging together in this place so appropriately named ‘Heaven and Earth’

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Joyous Heart –
Lucinda Loves –
Carla Carpenter –
Bloom (Robin Liepman) – (@bloom)

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