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Robin Liepman

I am an Author sharing my adventure into the Mythica, the mystical world that is invoked when we tell our Story of Awakening.


Welcome to my Temple, where you can explore the living myth and mystical journal of synchronicity, that shows the timeline of my journey.

It started as a dream, to follow the synchronicities unceasingly, and be led to a new reality. And I followed it, all the way. I traveled, while studying yoga and magick in a series of initiations I called, the Mystery School of Life.

As I did, I met other characters; guardians, wayshowers, spiritual practitioners, nature weavers and beyond; and discovered sacred Lands; transformational festivals, eco-villages, shrines and wildlands; along the rainbow road to Heaven on Earth.

By applying the principles of Manifestation, learning to work with the vibrational substance of magic, Akasha Yoga, I came to understand the source of our stories, and how to transform the conditions of my life to live in a more magical world.

Scroll down for featured comics and scrollable stories from the Quest, along with articles from the world of the Mythica, or use the menu to navigate the timeline.



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